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​What is Pizzicata?

Pizzicata is all about the PINSA!


Pinsa is the Roman take on the traditional pizza. ​Perfectly crafted, the PINSA deliciously crispy crust is made with 100% GMO free wheat, rice and soy - meaning it has less gluten and easily digestible.

Then, the crispy crust is topped with fine Italian meats, cheese and vegetables!


In the mood for something else? We have a lot to offer from Italy.

Viola, our resident "Pasta Machine", hand crafts all our pasta in-house daily with imported

Italian flour and makes such delectable family dishes like fettuccine, lasagna, ravioli and gnocchi. 

Enjoy some of our amazing vino imported from our homeland,

excellent beers, and a comprehensive bar with a knowledgeable bartender with innovative mixology skills.

And if it is dolce is more your style, we are sure you will love our genuine gelato - straight from Italy!



You Can Say Goodbye to your Gluten Intolerance!




Come Try the Lightest, Most Easily Digestible “Pizza” You Ever Had!


Our product is far more digestible than pizza due to its different dough hydration. The water used for the dough is always cold and the dough has less carbohydrates and fat.


Wheat, Soy, and Rice are the recipe main ingredients.  

This “alternative” to the classic pizza is really appreciated…

by everyone!


What is Pinsa?

The name Pinsa comes from the Latin word “Pinsere”, which in Italian means stretch-spread out.  Pinsa is far more digestible than Pizza due to its different dough hydration. Pinsa was invented before Pizza, thanks to an old Roman recipe. The water used for the dough is always cold and the dough has less carbohydrates and fat. Wheat, soy and rice are the recipe main ingredients.

Pinsa is an innovative food product as it perfectly matches the current and future growing demand for high quality, delicious and healthy food.

The combination of NON GMO rice flour and soy flour makes it crunchy on the outside, and even softer and lighter on the inside. The rice flour in the dough is a true revolution as nobody had ever taken advantage of its property of water absorption and digestibility in a pizza-like dough. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and magnesium, is gluten-free and reduces cholesterol in the blood.

These unique factors makes Pinsa one of the most delicious and digestible pizzas available in the world today.

Why Pinsa?

What is the difference between Traditional Dough and Pinsa?


Pinsa is amazingly digestible! The dough is made of NON-GMO wheat, rice flour and soy flour.

Pinsa’s easy digestibility is due to a variety of factors including:

  • Our 72 hour process of cold fermentation which breaks down the starches and gluten's

  • The 80-90% hydration

  • Our unique sour dough starter

  • The high quality of our non-GMO grains milled in Italy to our precise specifications.​

​The perfect “maturation” is the result of our unique cold working method of the dough based on the study of the optimal temperatures for each work’s phase. During the maturation process, the complex sugars and proteins of the dough decompose into simple sugars and amino acids. That means our stomach receives an easily digestible and simplified food, gently softened into its natural elements, resulting in an enjoyable and satisfying digestion process. 


Due to the extremely high quality of our flour, our unique cold working method, the high hydration and our closely watched 72 hour process of cold fermentation, Pinsa is more wholesome, digestible, low-calorie and lower fat than the classic pizza.